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SAMA sacred arts and music alliance Toronto



"Congratulations on the gift of Allah-given inspiration which guided you through to the finish in last evening's presentation!"

• "To me and to my young daughter in attendance last night, it was a spiritual act of Social Activism. Though I was born in 1949, as a Desi, my soul has hungered since 1947 for the fruition of this dream; that our age-old heritage of brotherhood guide our thoughts, and through them our actions, so that we will reclaim our right to demonstrate the truth; the filial love we have that transcends what colonial whim has created so arbitrarily. You are both true pioneers, Ishwar-Allah inspired souls, who are lighting a path through the blindness of artificially created "boundaries".

• "What we referred to through the evening as "synergy" and as "energy" were, in reality, the blessings Jinnahji and Gandhiji were bestowing from above upon both of you. Smiling down on both of you and on your project; for my part, allow me please to request you to accept me into your family-fold. I know that we are kindred-spirit in our dreams, our desires and our sense of creativity. My wish, InshAllah is that you adopt me, so that I too can partake of the sustenance that your project brings to all its participants."

• "Many congrats for the success of such a wonderful event. We were totally mesmerized and experience was beyond words. We are so grateful to have such a beautiful people around us. Please convey our deepest gratitude to all the artist and organizers."

• "Once again thanks for arranging and inviting us for soulful and enchanted evening."

• "There was real magic there, the angels were dancing, at times my eyes were not dry."

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